The RIG-150

A Multifunction, Automated Catalyst

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Catalyst Development System

The RIG-150

A Multifunction, Automated Catalyst Characterization and Microreactor System

Whether you need to conduct standard catalyst pretreatment/testing experiments or more advanced transient isotopic studies, the RIG-150 is the answer to your catalyst characterization needs. Developed over years of extensive research, the RIG-150 provides for efficient, unattended operation while still giving you the versatility you want. It is advanced enough to have computer-controlled flow and temperature programming capabilities, but simple enough that all the computer skills needed are point-and-click.

Design your experiments by merely typing the desired operating conditions into a computer panel that displays a model of the system. Then watch as the RIG-150 monitors and gathers temperature and thermal conductivity data. Later you can process this data using the ISRI Analysis software provided in the RIG-150 package.

The RIG-150 is able to provide this flexibility of use through its software, which lets you control and adapt the unit to suit your needs. For example, since catalytic experiments are usually conducted with different reactants, one panel of the software allows you to easily change the calibration of the gas flow controllers to adapt to new gases and mixtures. These new calibrations can then be stored for later use. Another software panel allows you enter experimental conditions for Temperature Programmed studies such as TPD or TPR, while another panel for adsorption type measurements allows you to enter any number and combination of gas pulses. Each of these panels is easy-to-read, user friendly, and accessible at the click of a button. Once an experiment has started, the TC and temperature signals are displayed on another panel and saved as ASCII data files for later analysis. Data collection measurements can be linked with the steady state experiments to provide users with a possibility of combining catalyst pretreatment with pulse and/or TPD/TPR studies in a single run.

  • Operating Pressure
  • atmospheric
  • Construction Material
  • 1/8" stainless steel tubing,
  • Reactor
  • quartz flow-through
  • Sample loading
  • 5 mg to 2 g on quartz frit
  • Sample loading for BET studies
  • 10 mg to 2 g
  • Operating Temperature
  • Room to 900 °C
  • Gas Input Ports
  • Four
  • Liquid Feed Line
  • Optional
  • Gas Flow Ranges
  • Specified by customer
  • Auxiliary Outlet Ports
  • Two
  • Detector
  • TCD with temperature controller
  • Dimensions
  • 45" ´ 21" ´ 26"
  • Weight, ~250 lbs
  • Computer
  • Both PC or Macintosh Available
  • Signal Range
  • 10V
  • Data Format
  • ASCII.